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        1. Trump Supreme Court Ruling

        草留社区最新地址What You Need To Know:草留社区最新地址

        In a split decision, the Supreme Court ruled on cases about Donald Trump’s efforts to keep his tax records from investigators.

        2. Black Lives Matter Murals Make A Statement From the White House To Trump Tower

        草留社区最新地址What You Need To Know:草留社区最新地址

        Work began on the latest BLACK LIVES MATTER mural in New York City Thursday in the most controversial location.

        3. Coronavirus Update: The World Health Organization Reports More Evidence of Airborne Transmission of Covid-19

        草留社区最新地址What You Need To Know:草留社区最新地址

        The World Health Organization has confirmed “emerging evidence” of airborne transmission of the coronavirus.

        4. MSNBC’s Joy-Ann Reid Makes Cable News History with Prime Time Move

        草留社区最新地址What You Need To Know:草留社区最新地址

        Fans of MSNBC’s “AM Joy” host Joy-Ann Reid, or as they call themselves, “Reiders”, will soon be rejoicing every night.

        5. Amazon Speeds Towards $1.2 Billion Self Driving Black-Led Car Company Zoox

        草留社区最新地址What You Need To Know:草留社区最新地址

        The great disruptor Amazon (AMZN +0.40%) has taken its talent to the autonomous vehicles space with the purchase of Zoox, led by CEO Aicha Evans for $1.2 billion.

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