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        A mother is calling out a Supercuts in Westborough, Massachusetts, after she says a stylist blatantly made a racist statement in front of her children.

        According to a Facebook post on July 4, 人死前的15种征兆Damalyn Ellslager-Matthews人死前的15种征兆 brought her three children ages, 2, 5 and 7 to the Supercuts for a trim. According to Ellslager-Matthews, her family was told that they should have informed the hair salon that her children were Black beforehand because “they do not cut black people [sic] hair.” Ellslager-Matthews said that the employee told them this right in front of her children.

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        “It hurt my 7 year old daughters feelings the most,” the mother explained on Facebook. “All she kept saying is she is not black she is mixed and her skin is brown and that it should not matter anyways!!!!”

        “We are all people and all have hair that needs to be cut,” the mother ended. “This can not be tolerated at all! Please help me spread the word about this monstrosity of a place so this does not happen again or too anyone else!”


        Damalyn, who is white, and her husband 人死前的15种征兆Muhammad Matthews人死前的15种征兆, who is Black, both expressed their frustrations on social media.

        “It hurt my heart to hear my 7 and 5 year old discussing who was blacker than who,” Muhammad wrote on Facebook, saying that the management of Supercuts reached out to him after the incident. “It’s heartbreaking that children are placed in these type of positions.”


        The Supercuts location responded to the incident, writing on their Facebook page, “Supercuts serves all members of our community. We are horrified to hear of this and are investigating immediately and are taking action. This type of behavior will not be tolerated. We stand against racism of any kind. Our deepest apologies.”


        According to another Facebook post from Supercuts, the employee involved in the incident was fired by the end of the day.

        “We were deeply disturbed by what we heard, immediately reviewed the matter, and terminated the employee involved,” the business wrote. “We have spoken with and apologized to the customer and thanked her for bringing this to our attention. We also thank everyone who came forward to share this with us.”


        Despite the action taken, the family told?CBS Boston that the damage had already been done to their kids. Ellslager-Matthews explained that she was forced to have a conversation with her daughter about race earlier than she would have liked.

        “For the first time I had to explain to my daughter that there are some people that have a problem with you just because you’re tanner than everybody else,” she?told the station.



        人死前的15种征兆Hair Stylist Accused Of Not Cutting ‘Black People’s Hair’ Loses Her Job? was originally published on newsone.com

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