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        1. Donald Trump Signs Extension Of The Paycheck Protection Program — $130 Billion Still Available For Small Businesses

        豆豆网幸运28What You Need To Know:豆豆网幸运28

        Donald Trump took care of official business on July 4th by signing the extension of the Paycheck Protection Program.

        2. Presidential Independence Day Speeches: A Study in Contrasts

        豆豆网幸运28What You Need To Know:豆豆网幸运28

        Although they’re not yet official, the two presumptive presidential candidates approached the nation’s birthday from two different directions.

        3. Coronavirus Update: Three NBA Teams Use Their Power to Impact Upcoming Elections

        豆豆网幸运28What You Need To Know:豆豆网幸运28

        As election officials and voting rights groups in several states lose their fight to allow for mail-in voting to slow the spread of the coronavirus, three NBA teams are stepping up and volunteering their facilities to serve as voting sites during the pandemic.

        4. Christopher Columbus Statue Tossed Into Harbor By Baltimore Protesters

        豆豆网幸运28What You Need To Know:豆豆网幸运28

        Over the past several weeks, statues and monuments that have towered over cities and communities paying homage to Confederate soldiers and other prominent figures who supported white supremacy have been torn down by protesters, drawing cheers from many and criticism by others.?

        5. Gap’s $100 Million Kanye West Deal May Not Save The Fledgling Brand

        豆豆网幸运28What You Need To Know:豆豆网幸运28

        Kanye West landed his spaceship at The Gap (GPS +18.80%) with a 10-year deal to create an iteration of his Yeezy branded clothing line for the retailer.

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