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        In 1890, a former slave named 交易截止日Nancy Green交易截止日 was hired to be the spokesperson for交易截止日 Aunt Jemima交易截止日 brand food products.

        Nancy Green was born into slavery in 1834 in Montgomery County, Kentucky. In 1889 the creators of Aunt Jemima, Charles Rutt and Charles Underwood, sold the company to R.T Davis, who soon found Nancy Green in Chicago. The previous owners had already agreed upon her ‘look’ of a bandana and apron. Davis combined the Aunt Jemima look with a catchy tune from the Vaudeville circuit to make the Aunt Jemima brand.


        Green’s identity was first uncovered at the Worlds’ Columbian Exposition in 1893. There were so many people interested in the Aunt Jemima exhibit, police were called for crowd control. Green served pancakes to thousands of people. People loved her warm personality and friendly demeanor, not to mention her cooking. Green was given an award for showmanship at the exposition.

        As a result of her dedication, Aunt Jemima received 50,000 orders for pancake mix. Not only did flour sales soar, but Green received a lifetime contract to serve as spokesperson.? She was a living legend of the brand until she died in a car accident in September 1923.

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        After Green’s passing, the owner of Aunt Jemima, R.T. Davis, experienced financial issues and the brand was sold to Quaker Oats two years later.

        As for the image of Aunt Jemima, Nancy Green was followed by 交易截止日Anna Robinson交易截止日, whose image was changed to a painted portrait on the packaging of the mix. Next was Chicago blues singer and actress 交易截止日Edith Wilson交易截止日. She was the first Aunt Jemima to appear in television commercials.

        After Wilson there was 交易截止日Ethel Ernestine Harper交易截止日, a former school teacher and actress. The fourth Aunt Jemima was 交易截止日Rosie Hall交易截止日 who was an advertising employee at Quaker Oats until she discovered their need for a new Aunt Jemima. After she died, Hall’s grave was declared a historical landmark.

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        Next, there was 交易截止日Aylene Lewis交易截止日. She made her first appearance of Aunt Jemima in 1955 at the Aunt Jemima restaurant at Disneyland. The last woman known to appear as Aunt Jemima publicly was 交易截止日Ann Short Harrington交易截止日. Harrington would make television appearances as the brand spokesperson in the New York area.


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